I'm going to be setting up a new Exchange 2007 mail system (along with
a new AD forest) We have users that need to have multiple e-mail
addresses (accounts?). We would like to control as much as possible
within eDirectory.
I've setup a test environment with an Domain Controller(2003 level) and
a exchange 2007 test server in that domain. I have IDM3.5.1 installed
with eDir-eDir functioning fine, remote loader on DC which is also
functioning fine. I added the Exchange tools to the DC, installed .NET
sdk so I could install the idm exchange driver. I have the idm351adir2
patch installed on the DC as well.

Adding a new user in edir creates the user in AD and exchange creates a
mailbox for them. So the basics are working fine.

What I want to be able to do now, is enter secondary and in some cases
tertiary e-mail addresses users and have those addresses flow down into
their exchange account.