I have the LDAP driver provided in IDM 3.51 configured to synchronize
eDirectory users to an Oracle Internet Directory LDAP server. When an
eDirectory user is first created, it will synchronize over to the OID
directory. However, if that user is subsequently deleted from the OID
tree, Changing one of the attributes in the source eDirectory tree in
order to force a synchronization results in an error message on the DS
trace screen as follows: LDAP Exception: No such object (32). LDAP
Exception: Server Message: Entry to be modified not found. And there
does not seem to be any way to get the user synchronized back to the
OID tree. It appears as if the LDAP driver is just searching for the
user and not making an attempt to recreate it if it does not exist in
the target LDAP tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
in advance!

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