I am using the DT driver on to output a file. The issue I am running into
is I have to preface each line with an action add,update,delete.


I did not want to have to create an aux attribute to put add,update,delete
in according to the operation, so I am trying to use the output stylesheet
to do that for me. I can get Add and Update to work by shoving this in the
template that matches on add/instance:

<xsl:when test="not($hasAssociation) and $associationValue">

I was working on delete(being able to put the deleted email address is
another issue entirely but I think can build through srcdn, but I cannot
even get anything to process for a delete.) I put this small template in
after the add/instance template:

<xsl:template match="input/delete">

and I cannot even get that text to output. someone point me on the right
track please. thanks!