Can someone clarify an issue for me. I want to install IDM 3.5.1 on a
SLES 10 SP1 server running eDir 8.8. The IDM 3.5.1 documentation
"Novell eDirectory or 8.8 and Security Services 2.0.5 (NMAS
3.1.3) with the latest Support Packs must be installed before you can
install this option. The Identity Manager installation process will
stop if these are not installed" [this option is the Meta-Dir server]
However, the Security Services patch 2.0.5 will not install on to the
above server unless the -f switch is used to force it on. If the SS
2.0.5 patch is not installed the IDM3.5.1 installation completes OK.
I'm having a few problem with server and would really like to know if I
need to install SS205?


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