We are doing a hardware migration from NetWare 6.5 SP5 to NetWare 6.5

Currently we only use the server for File access.

We also have IDM2 starter pack installed and this is being managed by
iManager 2.0.2 with DIRXML snapins v2.1.0.

I have tried to do a test upgrade and the server has upgraded without a
problem. but the DIRXML plugins we currently use are not compatible with
iManager 2.7 I tried using the windows workstation version of iManager
2.6 and was successful in installing the DIRXML 2.0.2 plugins, but I
was unable to manage DIRXML and recieved java errors when trying to
manage DIRXML.

I checked the DIRXML iManager plugins in 2.0.2 which are currently in
use and they are listed as 2.1.0. Does this mean the plugins I
attempted to install were the wrong version?

Has anyone come across this and can you give me a suggestion on what
DIRXML product is compatible with what management product, and how I
can resolve this issue?

Many thanks in advance for all your help!

Kind regards,

Craig Waters.

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