IDM 3.51
Netware 6.5 SP6
Windows 2003 server

We need some of the new presentation server terminal services
functionality provided by Windows 2008 server.
To get around the wait for IDM 3.6 and the 2008 compatibility we
upgraded the Win 2003 AD Remote Loader server to the latest possible
version. This effectively adds bits of the 2008 schema on top of the
2003 schema and IDM works fine in this environment. Therefore our native
Win 2008 presentation server can coexist with the updated Win 2003 server.

We currently get IDM to populate


with 'add destination attribute' commands enabling CIFS share mounting
to NSS volumes on domain login.

The 2008 schema additions have added some new attributes namely -


The Terminal Services Profile Path attributes in the old Win 2003
environment have previously only been accessible using the IDM scripting
driver, which is complex. It now looks like Windows 2008 has simplified
the issue by providing these new attributes.

The catch is that I have yet to succeed in populating them with IDM 'add
destination attribute' commands.

Has anyone achieved this?