I'm running Idm 3.5.1 on win2k3 and edir 88.2 on netware 6.5. imanager
is version 2.7.0...

I'm trying to create a test environment and unfortunately the
'sensitive information' (passwords) will not sync between edir<->ID
Vault because it was "missing decryption key" (found through dstrace).
I'm was pretty sure that this was already setup, but went into imanager
and got through the nds2nds driver certificates wizard, clicked finish
and get the error:

"Unable to create the certificates. The following error occured:
-603". (which is NO SUCH ATTRIBUTE from what I gather...) What
attribute is it trying to set? How can I fix it? I'm somewhat new to
novell software/tools and I could really use some help to point me in
the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

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