Someone came to me today with a need that I would translate in to the
following question: would it be possible to spawn multiple dn's in one
tree from one dn in another tree. The scenario is this, we have mailing
lists that have different e-mail addresses associated with them like the


The idea is to store the list_name as one dn in the idvault tree, and
then have all the list_name's e-mail addresses in the service tree
which does e-mail address routing. Thus each list has to be an object
in the service tree where it will have a mail attribute and an e-mail
routing attribute.

Is this even possible considering the dn matching that goes on during
synchronizations between trees? Initially I thought about trying
something with the eDirectory driver. Then I started wondering,if even
possible, if it would be more feasible to use the loopback driver. In
that case we would synchronize the list dn, and then inside the service
tree create the other dn's.

What do you guys think about this?

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