Hi All,

Hoping someone may be able to point out where I'm going wrong?

Have Identity Manager 3.5.1 engine installed on OES 2 (linux). Remote
Loader instance & driver shim running on Win Server 2003 & Domino

Have set up my Notes driver using the iManager wizard,
and am able to synchronize users & passwords, but only for the top
level OU as defined in the GCV parameter, 'Subscriber: Default User
sync source container in eDirectory'.

I need the matching criteria to pick up changes in ALL
sub-level/subtree OUs.

If I change the 'Default User sync source container' to a different OU,
it still only matches changes at that newly selected OU level.

Suspecting that perhaps I was expecting too much, I tried customising a
User Match Policy Rule, but this didn't seem to work either?

Am I missing something really obvious?

Any suggests would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Hack

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