I am unable to solve the problem where Exchang emailbox is not getting
created for a new user..I have made sure that the user mentioned in the
driver has admin rights, exchange rights,
- same user is used for Remote Loader service (RL service starts
with this user's permissions)
- same user was used to install the Exchange IDM service
- same user is mentioned in the driver for authe ntication
Also, I am able to create the mailbox if I paste the enable-mailbox
command from the trace into the powershell....
- I have also applied the AD driver 2 patch for this issue...

What am I missing?? Any ideas or pointers will really really help
It looks like taht the idm-exchange serivce is searching for the
database mentioned in the homeMDB and is unable to find it...
Is there any way to help the serivce find the database????

Please Please advise

Thanks and Reg,

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