I have installed eDirectory by non root tarfile in my test
1. created a user named "loki"
2. extract the non root tar file in home directory.
3. install nici by root user
4. according to the link 'Cool Solutions: Installing eDirectory 8.8 SP2
as a Non-Root User'

I ran the following command

ln ?sf /var/opt/novell/nici /var/novell/nici

5. And successfully created a tree, which is working.

Then I installed IDM 3.5.1 on by root user using idm-nonroot-install
and extended the edirectory schema.

After that I tried to create a driver on it but a was fail to do so.
even i tried to resolve this by following the instruction in link 'IDM
3.5.1 Non-Root Install fix for Linux, Solaris and AIX'
but could not resolve it

Please guide me on this regard


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