Today, every event occuring in the the Publisher Channel of our Active Directory
Driver terminated with an error message containing the text "ERR_INVALID_CONN_HANDLE".

We restarted the Driver (did not touch the Remote Loader) and now Publisher
Channel events are seemingly being processed OK.

I have searched this forum for previous reports of the error message and
looked through documentation but could couldn't seem to find any reference
to the problem. On Googling for "ERR_INVALID_CONN_HANDLE" I could only find
the error message listed as a Netware 5 Error message.

So I wonder, has anyone else run into this with the AD Driver and if so any
ideas on what prompted the problem? Also, do you think simply restarting
will have been good enough or might there be some repurcussions (other than
incomplete AD->eDir syncs)?

IDM is 3.5.1 running on a Windows 2003 Server

BRgds - M