Recently, I found that I keep getting the following error at remote
loader on Windows 2003:

Driver = \Novell_Network\la_lottery\ad driver set\ad-driver
Thread= subscriber channel
Level= error
Message= could not set password via platform call. Err=2221 (user not

Every time I reset a user's password in eDir and it can not be synced on
AD. Can someone advise where I shall look into to fix this issue?

We are running IDM 3.01 on NetWare server 6.5 with sp 6. Our eDirectory
is 8.8.2. The remote loader is at Windows 2003 sp2 server (primary DC).
We only configured to sync from eDir to AD and no sync from AD to eDir.

I would appreciate it very much if I can get any responses.

Thank you!