I'm new to IDM and one of my first tasks will be developing password
sync for the students at my community college so that they can use a
common password for their Google Ed e-mail accounts, our Blackboard
distance education server and Webadvisor (the server for accessing their
records and requesting transcripts). There are 2 companies that offer
Google drivers and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with
either of them and/or found another avenue for the syncing of passwords
and the creation of accounts.

The first is CosmoKey and is found at: http://www.cosmoskey.com/products

The other is Concensus Consulting and is found at

I have downloaded a demo version of the CosmoKey product and their
pricing list is very easily available (if a little confusing).
Concensus' site isn't so easily navigated. I've filled out a form
requesting information and have yet to hear from anyone after a week.
Also, there's no sign of a downloadable trial or pricing on the site.

So, I'm looking for input from the experts to see what they think and if
there are other options.