I have a AD forest which has 7 domains. Users are distributed in all 7
domains but services are part of only one domain...i.e., one domain
acts as the resource domain (all resources such as Exchange, file
access...) are provided by that single domain for users of all other

To elaborate,
Domains difx.local, dify.local, difz.local have users..but the exchange
mailboxes of all users is in an exchange server which is part of the
difx.local domain...The domains are all trusted.

To be achieved:
User provisioning in all domains, password synch, exchnage mailbix

1. We usually have to create a separate driver for each domain..and the
exchange tools , .NET framework have to be installed on each server
where the driver (Remote loader) is installed.
Instead, is it possible to have a single driver for doing the above
(provisioning, exchange mailbox creatione tec..) to all these

2. If I create a separate driver for each domain, how about the
exchange mailbox?? Do I have to install it on each server that has the
driver?? Or can I have a single driver just for exchange mailboxes...

Please advise.

Thanks and Regards,

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