I am using a Delimited Text Driver and I want to populate datas from
one csv file into the identity vault.
It is ok when I populate datas from the csv file to the "User" class.

I have created an auxiliary class (inherited from User class) called
"AlphaUtil" and I need to add
it as an object extension of the users.
I can do this directly with iManager (I create a User and then I add
AlphaUtil as an object extension)
but I do not know how to do it with my driver.

In mapping rule I have mapped User class to the application class (csv
file) but if I also map
AlphaUtil class to the same csv file I think it's bad.

In filter rule I have specified the User class and the AlphaUtil

In placement rule if the class is User then I create a user in the user

When I start the driver, then the user is created without object
extension (without attributes of AlphaUtil class).

Do you know how I can add my AlphaUtil class as object extension of the
users in the Delimited Text Driver ?
Have I to add something in placement rule and/or to map diffently the
csv file both to User and AlphaUtil class ?

Thank you for your help,


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