Going to be installing IDM.

nw6.5sp5 servers with eDir and Zenworks 6.5 (imaging, remote
control, NAL, WOL, inventory)

It appears that things aren't ready for Universal Password. when I go
to set up a password policy, I get a error

(Error -603) The requested attribute could not be found. In the
Directory, if an attribute does not contain a value then the attribute
does not exist for the specific object.

Possibly some part of the schema didn't update, or maybe plugin issue?
I'm thinking that bringing a system up to date will resolve it

I've read that you don't want to move to eDir 8.8.2 with Zenworks 6.5
running (not ready to migrate to ZCM 10 because of multiple sites and
they don't have the satellite server ready yet for imaging)

I've also read that 6.5sp7 has caused issues with NetStorage (which we

and it appears that SS205 requires 6.5sp6 or later.

so the question that is, what are my options for IDM?

can I install a new server with in our main tree (6.5sp7 or SLES10) and
load it with RW replicas to communicate with IDM vault?
(I was already thinking that would be a good idea anyway)
(or make it master, so that the master has the latest version of

will that cause any troubles anywhere while we wait for solutions to
the issues?