i am sure this is a simple solution, but it is eluding me.

using an LDAP driver, I am trying to modify an attribute in the vault that
is always reformated in the ldap store.

I am doing this in the CT.

So if I am trying to modify a value in the vault of Jeff(which is actually
Jeff::123 in the LDAP store).....what I see of course is the driver trying
to do a remove-value of Jeff first. That will not work of course.

So for instance:
Vault: Jeff
LDAP Store: Jeff123

Now I need to change the Vault to say Johnson,,,and the LDAP Store would
be reformated to Johnson123. The reformatting is not a problem,,,,it is
working fine in my rule when a new account comes in not being associated.
The issue is doing the reformat on an associated account with the values
already populated in the vault and Ldap store.

I have tried sending a clear-dest-attr before, thinking that would get rid
of the remove-value but it doesnt. I thought when I had done that in the
edir driver it would behave that way.

Do I need to use xpath to kill that remove-value and let the clear-dest-att
do its job? Does the LDAP driver behave a bit differently in situations
like this??