I am trying to use the multi-valued CN attribute to my advantage.

I am using an extremely simple Loopback driver that processes accounts
that are placed in our eDIrectory by an external system. They create
the account with a CN of a random number sequence and then set an
attribute equal to the user's login name to the external app. (Like:
jordan.texas) To get around an issue that we are having with the 3.5
User App (sited on this thread in 2007 http://tinyurl.com/2w8dlj), I
need to add this attribute value to the user's CN 'Other name'.

I can do that fine....with a rule that says add-to-src-attr, and it
appears as a CN value in the 'Other name'. But if that attribute is
modifed (from jordan.texas to laney.texas), the rule adds it and there
are now two values for the 'Other name' [cn]. I need to somehow clear
the old name and replace it with the new one (not 'add' it. I need it
to just have the laney.texas intead of the both). I have tried using
set-src-attr, clr-src-attr, del-src-sttr......but I guess since I am
delaing with the CN attribute, it won't let me manipulate it the same
as other attributes.

Anyone know how to do this?

Thanks so much,

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