I have just upgraded my IDM environment from 3.0.1 to 3.5.1 and now my two
edir drivers aren't communicating.

I have two trees and upgraded one first and all was working well. However,
when upgrading the second tree the edir drivers no longer connect. Both
trace screens show:

eDIR driver PT:: Need new connection; Waiting for remote subscriber to

Both servers can ping each other so a comms issue isn't the problem.

I have followed TID (10099778) and recreated the server certificates but
this has not resolved the issue.

What is showing in the trace on both servers is:

<status event-id="This check-password result is expected. It is the result
of the shim verifying that the driver object password is non-empty."
level="error">Code(-9046) Invalid password specified for

I have set the trace level to 3 on the drivers and see no errors at all.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance,