I'm testing out Identity Manager with two VMware guest hosts. One guest
has Novell OES 9 SP2 and another has Windows 2003 Server. I installed
the IdentityManager Metadirectory server and followed the Identity
Manager installation process. The installation went smoothly with no
errors. Additionally, I installed IdentityManager on the Windows 2003
Server, but selected the Connected Systems option. Identity Manager
shows up as a category within iManager, but I don't see a reference to
DirXML or any other references from the installation documentation.
More importantly, I don't see a configuration tab or policy for
eDirectory to Active Directory synchronization. I've pulled my hair out
for a couple of days and I'm at a stopping point. What is wrong with my
configuration? Any suggestions? Am I missing a key prerequisite for
the synchronization to work? Thank you for your time.