I am having some difficulty with setting up a parent Child table setup
with indirect mode.

The scenario is this:
Publisher channel only user objects linked to a parent view with a
child view set up to populate a multi-value attribute in eDirectory
which will be used to build entitlements from.

The primary key in the parent view is PK_USR_ID.
The Primary Key in the Child view is PK_GRPKEY_ID.
The foreign key is set to FK__PK_USR_ID__MBR.
The column that we are linked to is MV_GROUPKEY.

I get this to work with triggerless but when we try doing it with the
event table we cant get the driver to ever query the child table for
the values of MV_GROUPKEY.

We put an event of 6 and all it queries is the Parent table even though
the attribute is mapped to the GROUPKEYS.MV_GROUPKEY column name. Both
tables are listed in the driver parameters.

Also when we try to do an 8 event what do we need for the key, table,
and column. I assumed it would still be the parent table key , the
parent table name, and the column would be the childtable.column name
but this gets an error saying the foreign key is invalid. what am I
doing wrong?

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