I have an eDir driver goin from a LAN (hierarchical structure) to an
IDV that is flat and then another eDir driver than goes from IDV to
another tree (hierarchical structure).

When a user is created/moved in the LAN they need to end up in the same
location in the 2nd eDir tree. I have this working for creations but
have an issue on moves.

I have this working by populating a user attribute with the users DN,
e.g. \Main\NextOU\XX\FIN\tomb

The issue I have with the move is that the username is on the end of
the DN. I need to remove it when i try and move the user (code below),
.i.e. remove the data starting at the end of the "mailstop" attribute
up to and including the first \

I presume someone must have had this scenario and can provide the

move destination object(when="after",dn("PORTAL\MIRROR"+Source

mailstop would be populated with the rest of the path, e.g.


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