I recently had to move a fully functional GroupWise Driver, Engine on
Netware and GroupWise on a different NetWare server to Engine on
NetWare and GroupWise on a Linux server. I have installed the Remote
Loader Server, and configured it. I can start the Remote Loader and
the GroupWise Driver, and they connect, everything looks good. I do a
migrate on one user (any user), and the driver processes the user,
sends the event to the Remote Loader. The Remote Loader receives the
event, and starts processing, but then just stops. Nothing happens....
I have attached the Remote Loader Log file (trace 3).

The error you see at the end is when I unload the Remote Loader.
Generally, I have to unload the Remote Loader first or I can not get
the GroupWise driver to stop with out having to restart the server. I
will post the GroupWise Driver log on the next message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



|Filename: RemoteLoader.log |
|Download: |

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