Hi all,

Per the thread title, it seems whenever I reboot my Windows server
running the AD Remote Loader, it refuses to connect back to the IDM
Engine (running 3.5.1 on NW65SP7).

Further more, when I turn off the remote loader, then try to stop the
IDM Engine running on my NetWare server, it hangs up whatever
background NLM is supposed to shutdown on the NW box, forcing me to
have to schedule a reboot after hours.

Anyone know what is going on and how to fix? I've already applied
idm351engineir2, and that apparently isn't fixing things. The remote
loader trace simply says the following (this is trace level 4):
> Loader: Waiting for DirXML to connect on 'TCP server socket, port yyyy,
> address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'...

Tracing on the server usually says that the server attempted to connect
to the remote loader, but was told to retry. I can't really fetch the
trace because the AD Driver on NetWare is stuck in a perpetual
"shutting down" state until I reboot the server (as I tried to restart
that driver, hoping it'd fix things). And, I can't reboot the server
until after hours.

Kinda annoying to have to reboot my NetWare server whenever I want the
remote loader to work again. This is about the third or so time in the
last two months, so I suspect it's a bug of some kind.

Anyone else run into this and found a fix?



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