Main target was: synchr eDri --> AA.
Was: my TREE with NW65Sp7 servers.
1. add in to this TREE OES2 (linux)+iManager
2. add R/W Replic to the OES2
3. install IDM3.5.1+plugin for iManager
4. install W2003 server with AD (for test)+reconfigue AD politics for
use simple password(as qwerty ) (ip= user:
Administrator, assword=qwerty)
5. Install and run RemoteLoader on the W2003 (without ssl)
RemoteLoader Password=zxcvbn
6. Create and configure driver AD in the IDM:
(*) Connect to Remote Loader
Driver Object Password=as
Authentication ID:=Administrator
Authentication context:
Remote loader connection parameters: hostname= port=8090
(Attantion!!!! = ONLY ONE bakspace between "..168.0.10" and "port=8090")
Application password:=qwerty (this is password for Administrator in the
Remote loader password:=zxcvbn

After this Start Driver and This Work.
--------------------This was without Security ------------
----------Below will be About Security-------------------
1. How secure channel between: IDM(OES2)...and...RemoteLoader(W2003)
1.1 configure RemoteLoader onthe W2003 for use ssl (read manual how
create certificate and add it to the RemoteLoader)
1.2 In the IDM in th Driver Configuration change "Remote loader
connection parameters"
from: hostname= port=8090
to the: hostname= port=8090 kmo=remotecert
(where remotecert - created key (read manual for IDM)

After this Steps will be secure Channel between IDM(OES2) and

2. How Secure channel between RemoteLoader And AD(w2003) (if
RemoteLoader and AD on the one W2003 - no need for this.)
2.1 In the IDM in th Driver Configuration
for: "Use SSL for encryption" need change "no" to "yes"
2.2. BUT FROM THIS PLACE TRAUBLE for me... LDAP on the W2003(AD) mast
support SSL connection !!! In my enviroment LDAP on the W2003(AD)
supported only simple connection.

May be this help anybody.

Sorry for my English