Netware 6.5 SP6

I needed to transfer my old test IDM 3.5 setup to a new NAT VMware test rig.

With VMware workstation I set up a Win 2003 server with Remote Loader
and a Netware 6.5 SP6 server which I installed IDM 3.51.
I also installed the latest version of Designer on my workstation where
the virtual machines are running.
I use Designer to import the IDM3.5 config from the old test server. I
striped out the server name and put in the new one all with Designer. I
also altered the MAD user id/password in the MAD driver to match that of
the new MAD server.
I then deployed the ammended config from Designer to the new Netware 6.5
virtual server.
It basically worked pretty much first time.

My question is that if you are redeploying and IDM config into a
different environment (ie the structure of your Active Directory/eDir
may well be different), which default policies within the MAD driver
reference the FQDN of areas in your trees ?

I have spotted a couple as follows which need ammending to match my new
AD -

Subscriber placement and Matching policies and Publisher Matching policy.

Would you advise to always set up the MAD driver from scratch and not
recycle old ones?