Dear All,

I need to send an encryption password to OpenLDAP.

The environment are
Source : NW 6.5 sp6, eDir, IDM 3.51
Destination : Linux Enterprise 4 openldap 2.2.13-3, Qmail

Now on Qmail system they use 'CRYPT' to encrypt a password but IDM wil
generate 'MD5' to encrypt a password before set on userPassword field.

How to change from MD5 to CRYPT algorithm for a password ?
1. Where can I find the javascript code for a CRYPT algorithm ?
2. If I get the code, I have to put it in ECMAScript in IDM, right? How
to put these code and make IDM call this ECMAScript before insert user's
password to OpenLDAP ?
3. If I have a CRYPT algorithm then 3.1 or 3.2 will happen ?
3.1 IDM will also create an MD5, how to remove an MD5 algorithm ?
3.2 IDM will use a CRYPT to encrypt password instead of MD5.

Please help,
Thank you,

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