We are currently testing IDM 3.5.1 in a test-eviroment and it works great.

For our production eviroment we have a IDM server a Audit server and a
User Application server.

Our production enviroment has a eDir where all the "O"'s are in the root
of our organisation. For example:

OU (users)
OU (users)
OU (GroupWise)
O (Admin, servers KMO, and so on)
O (Groups)
OU (Users)
O (Zenworks)
O (users)

My goal is to fill the IDM server with all the users and groups from our
production eDir.

When I configure the IDM eDirDriver's (test enviroment) I can only
choose a Organisation in the field "Base Container". So, that is
limiting my Sync to only one Container.

If I select in "Base Container" [ROOT] then I will get (off course) a error.

Do I need to re-design our Production eDir to have all the O's and the
OU's to a NEW organization ? For example:

O (Organization)
OU (Users)

And so on. Do we realy need a Organisation and under this Organisation
all the OU's ?