I had IDM3.0.1 running on NW6.5SP5 with iMgr 2.5 but can no longer see the
IDM plug-ins when accessing iMgr on this server.

I suspect that it was cause by another NW6.5 server upgrade to SP6 which
installed RBS2.

I decided to bring the IDM server to NW65SP6 and get iMgr 2.6 but the
problem persists. I did install the necessary RBS2 modules.
Looking at the "Details" of "Notice: Some of the roles and tasks are not
available." gives many instances of messages similar to:

The version of the DirXMLCommon plug-in that is installed is not
compatible with the Identity Manager Configuration plug-ins package.

Anyone know the solution to this issue?
Can I install the plugins for IDM3.5.1 and still manage our IDM3.0.1 Driver