I have a creation policy that says the following;

<description>VETO if PROVUser is FALSE</description>
<if-src-attr mode="nocase" name="PROVUser" op="equal">FALSE</if-src-attr>

I go into my test user account via MODIFY OBJECT in imanager.
I go to the OTHER tab
I select the PROVUser attribute from the UNVALUED ATTRIBUTES
I place a check ON for the boolean attribute
I APPLY the change

And I am getting the following;

(if-src-attr 'PROVUser' equal "FALSE") = FALSE.
Rule rejected

Status: Warning
Message: Code(-8017) Operation vetoed by object creation policy.

The above is the only thing in the creation policy. I manually modify
the PROVUser attribute (boolean for true or false) and no matter what I
set it to I get the same results.

Any suggestions anyone?