I have an IDM 3.5.1 AD driver which sets an extenstionattribute to a
value which is used by powershell sript to populate mailboxes - based
on an eDirectory attribute - NERCSysResource (whci contains a long
string of active/inactive resources).

This works OK on user creation, but my logic is not quite there on
modifies. I was checking NERCSysresource for NERCMailbox,A changing
to NERCMailbox,I and vice versa i.e. the value toggling (as a reg

The problem with this is a was not detecting the addition of
NERCMailbox,A - just the changes in its value.

So, how can I detect NERCSysresource changing from not containing
NERCMailbox,A to now containing it. I assume I cannot just check for
changing to '.*NERCMailbox,A.*' as the attribute contains other values
such as NERCAD,A - so other parts of the attribute value could be
changing whilst NERCMailbox,A has been there all along so the
condition woulld be true.

What I really want to do is detect that NERCSysresource is changing to
now contain NERCMailbox,A - how can I do this i.e. changing from NOT
containing NERCMailbox,A to containing it?

Sorry if that is not clear - its been a long week.