Can someone point me at where the driver versions that belong to a
particular IDM version are documented?

What version of AD should I see with IDM 3.5? with 3.5.1? What version
of Notes, User App, PeopleSoft? How do I tell if the upgrade from 3.5
to 3.5.1 did what it is supposed to do?

The eDir2eDir driver is probably the easiest, it is now version, which closely matches the IDM version
But my UA driver is version 0.20070917.135625. OK, the date is close,
but that is hardly a version number.

My biggest concern is AD, which on 3.5.1 is simply 3.5.0, which is the
same version on my IDM 3.5 servers. (after the upgrade of the remote

Is there any standards for version numbers on IDM Drivers?

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