We have a NW65 box that synchs user accounts over to a IDM3 box, that
then synchs them over to a AD box which users authenticate to via a
custom application. Lately the synch has stopped working from the
NetWare box over the ID vault. All the drivers are running fine. When I
create the user on the ID vault though it synchs the account over to the
AD box instantly and fills out the info from the eDirectory Tree on the
NetWare box that I didn't fill in completely. We had one user that
didn't get created today and I can only see this error on the
edirectory driver for the NetWare box where it doesn't appear to synch
to the ID Vault:

Message 28:
Tue Feb 19 12:29:52 GMT 2008
<status event-id="pwd-subscribe" level="error"
type="password-set-operation">Code(-9010) An exception occurred:
novell.jclient.JCException: generateKeyPair -215
\test_tree\test\Users\NSHAH (test\CAR\USERS\NSHAH)

Does anyone know what could be causing the problem? Nothing has changed
as far as I am aware.

Kind regards,

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