I've been given the details of a Oracle JDBC database that I need to connect
to from IDM. For the life of me I cannot get it to connect. We have lots
of other JDBC connections to the same box from IDM but this particular won't

This is a one way connection, eDir to Oracle and we are using DirXML

Can someone just confirm that I am using correct connection details before I
go and interrogate or DBA's?

Here are the detail they have provided, the name have been changed to
protect the innocent!

User - user
Password - password
Database - database
Schema - schema
Host - server
Port - 1526
Table - table

These are the details I am using in the driver connection:-

Module: Java &
Authentcation ID: user
Authenticate Context: jdbcracle:thin:@server:1526:database
Application password: password
Third-Party JDBC Driver Class Name: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
Syncronize Schema: schema
Handle Statement Results? single

Disable: no
Primary Key Generation: ????

Disable: yes
Log Table Name: schema.table

Using these details I get the following error:-

Schema 'schema' does not contain any constrained tables/views or the driver
lacks the necessary privileges to see its members.

Any nice helpers out there??