Hi all,

I have some problems about notes driver configuration; Here is

There are 2 domino servers; server1 (sits on solaris) and server2 (sits
on windows2003). These server are clustering. But what actually happens
is whatever in server1 will be in server2, but what updates in server2
will not be sent to server1. Moreover, RL on server1 is failed to
connect (because of the clustering on solaris.). So we decided to
install RL on server2 instead.

My question is;
If I install the remote loader in server2, but I want server1 to
process all those events from idm server, Can I configure the remote
loader as if it connect to server1 (such as path, certifier,....) but
set the 'Application Authentication: connection information' to
cn=server2/o=organization and 'RL authentication' to server2 ? Is it
possible to do that? Please Suggest.

Thanks in Advance,

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