Hello all,

I have a driver which stores Group Members in SQL in a single column,
delimited by a semicolon (groupname |
idv\member1;idv\member2;idv\member3). To accomplish this i used the
following code:

<description>Group: Merge members</description>
<if-class-name op="equal">Group</if-class-name>
<if-op-attr name="Member" op="changing"/>
<do-reformat-op-attr name="Member">
<arg-value type="string">
<token-join delimiter=";">
<token-attr name="Member"/>

Now i would like to do this the other way around, so take the column
from SQL, split it, make each value a "member" attribute, and add it to
the group on the eDir side.

Anyone who knows how to accomplish this? I see a lot of examples using
the split option, but i can't seem to get it to work (1 attribute works
fine, multiple attributes result in an empty member attribute).

Thanks in advance.


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