I have got a few Novell Products on my machine. some of them are
running on VMPlayer( windows 2003 server) .
The products on VMPLayer are :
eDirectory 8.8
Identity Manager 3.5.1,

The products on my local machine are:
Identity Manager User Application
Novell designer.

When I create a User Provisioning driver in the Identiy Manager using
iManager, the driver gets created succssfully. It comes to the running
state. But I do not get the driver id and driver version( it says,
"atrribute not found") in the driver's detail information. This means
the driver is not in a healthy state.
My local machine is able to communicate to the VMPlayer and vice

Can someone please suggest the resaon of Driver id and Driver version
not coming while creating a User Provisioning Driver?

A response would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Vartika Sanat
Vartika Sanat
Technical Consultant

Vartika Sanat
Technical Consultant
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