I have an eDir driver combo provisioning accounts for all students that
works great. Now I need to extend this driver so it copes with staff
accounts, but I need to treat these staff accounts differently -
different placement rules, different attributes populated etc. I have
person type identifiers in my ID Vault 'is-stu', 'is-staff', 'is-guest'
as part of an aux class. (multiple attr's as person can be od multiple
types). I think I need to pass these attributes over so the rules on
the other side can use them and treat staff and students as required.
I've tried a few methods here but gets lots of errors as the attr's
don't actually exist on other side, what's the recommended method in
this situation?

I've tried:
- Adding the attr's in the ID Vault filter but not in Prof filter and
having an input transform policy that picks them up and sets an
operational property on the other side, this is OK but I occasionally
get "No <input> element found in document" errors due to documents
with only these.
- adding attr's in both filter but only as notify on prod filter and
still get these "No <input> element found in document" errors.
- I thought about modifying the prod schema so these attr's do exist
and infact having them fully sync'd but I'm not sure I wanna modify my
prod schema.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

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