Have IM 2.0.2. Installed it with Novell's help a couple years ago, and
its been working so I haven't had to revisit it. Its simply for
password sync between eDir/AD

However, I had to migrate the server to new hardware recently. The
migration went fine, the new server is up and running (also runs

Apparently I didn't put files back in the right place for IM to start.
On my remote loader (W2K3 box) it says: waiting for dirxml to connect
on....(its own IP). Something is missing.

I honestly can't remember if something had to launch on the Netware
server itself. I do have a copy of the original autoexec.ncf and I
don't see anything.

Can anyone help me put stuff back so whatever has to launch, launches.
I still see the setup in iManager.

If this is not enough detail, please advise, I appreciate anyone's

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