We just recently upgraded to IDM 3.51 and are new to the job scheduler
function. Is it possible to write a job that checks the last login date
for all accounts and then disables any account that has not logged in in
x days ?
Not sure if we are asking for too much since this policy would not be
event driven. I would probably want to place this job on my Loopback
driver on our file and print tree.

In addition our idea is that the login disabled event then is being
synchronized to the IDV where it sends a trigger to the WorkOrder
driver to delete the account on all connected systems (but not the IDV)
after an additional x days. That part we have pretty much figured out.

We do receive terminations and retirements from our Payroll system and
can reliable disable these accounts automatically today, it is
consultants that we are concerned about since they are not in our
payroll system.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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