IDM 3.0.1

Attempting to finalize configuration for Email notification on password
failure. I am now working on the content of the email. An important part
of this email is the reason why the password did not synchronize to the
SAP system. This will be important for both the user and the administrator
who gets the email.

I'm seeing that the FailureReason value of the email is not getting
populated. When I configure the same email notification on an AD driver,
the email will display the FailureReason just fine. Both drivers have the
same configuration, and the FailureReason on both drivers has this for the


Trace snippet:

[02/04/08 12:10:25.386]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Token Value:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.386]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Arg Value: "TestUser".
[02/04/08 12:10:25.387]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.387]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.388]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Token Value:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.388]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Arg Value: "SAP_BMQ596".
[02/04/08 12:10:25.389]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.389]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: token-text("")
[02/04/08 12:10:25.390]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.390]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Token Value: "".
[02/04/08 12:10:25.391]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Arg Value: "".
[02/04/08 12:10:25.391]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
arg-string(token-dest-attr("Internet EMail
[02/04/08 12:10:25.392]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
token-dest-attr("Internet EMail
[02/04/08 12:10:25.393]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.394]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.395]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Token Value:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.395]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Arg Value:
[02/04/08 12:10:25.396]: SAP_BMQ596 ST: Query from policy
[02/04/08 12:10:25.396]: SAP_BMQ596 ST:

Any ideas you may have will be very appreciated.