hi all,
I have two questions regarding drivers.

1. we have two directores sun one and edirectory. Each directory has
groups with members. we created scenario like members of one group
differed in two directories. then i added new member into sun one and
this member carried to edirectory. but what i want is when i add a new
member to sun one or edirectory group, i need to driver take care of
that new member and also other members differed in two directory
groups. i mean after i add new member to sun one group or edirectory,
driver needs to check the differences between that group in two
directories and make it with same members in the group. can it be

2. i have one user in both directories and i deleted that user in sun
one. when i delete user from sun, driver needs to send an email to
delete that user in edirectory manually. its working fine. but problem
is, i delete user from sun and again load the same user with one
modification(i changed "telephonenumber" attribute), when i load this
user into sun one, driver tried to put this user into edirectory and as
everything is same except the "telephonenumber" attribute, driver is
adding other telephonenumber attribute instead of replacing existed
value. i do think that driver has to replace any modified value instead
of adding new value. but its not. i really dont know whats wrong. i
suspect that, when i delete user im not removing association for that
user, is that problem???

can anybody have an idea. thanks and best regards

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