I am trying to set up an ldap driver to update an external ldap
directory for just password updates, and I am running into issues I
don't understand so I need some help. I am basically using an out of
the box ldap driver with an added matching rule. By default the driver
does not have one. The filter was changed to allow only the
nspmDistributionPassword and uniqueID under User.
User accounts already exist in the external ldap directory, so I just
need to update their passwords. What I am running into is that the
first time a password change comes across, the password is not updated,
but a dirxml-association is set. The second time thte password comes
across it is then udpated successfully. The following is a trace for 2
consecutive password updates for the same user. What am I missing/doing

I have attached a file with a trace leve 3 for those 2 transactions.

|Filename: ldapDriver.log |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....tachmentid=513 |

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