Hi all

I have a JDBC driver on 3.5.1 IDM connecting to oracle 10g

I have a publisher channel workflow that kicks off when the surname or
given name changes which works fine.

The Oracle DB is authoratative for these 2 attributes.

My problem lies with the fact that on the filter i have publisher sync
and subsciber reset on given name and surname.

When a change occurs in eDir to the surname, for example, the idea is
that the surname is reset to its previous value. The problem is that as
the filter uses the publisher channel to change the attr back the
workflow kicks off. I donot want this to happen.

Is there a way to either in the policy check if the operation is part of
a 'reset' command from the filter, or another way to avoid this happening?

can you not specify that the filter reset happens 'direct' rather than
using the publisher channel?


Chris Boyle