Anyone out there using IDM to integrate with a Datatel ERP system? Ours
is built on a Unidata database. We've been using IDM for less than a
year, mainly for password synchronization between 2 eDirectory trees
and a Sun Java Systems Directory (using the LDAP driver). We're in the
very early stages of adding functionality and integrating with the
Datatel system since we're still doing a lot of stuff (like account
creation) manually.

I'm not very familiar with the Datatel side of things, but the
developers on that side are looking into the ODBC/JDBC access to
Datatel to see if using those drivers in IDM is an option. Otherwise,
we're looking at using text files since that's pretty much how data has
been passed back and forth in the past with the custom programming we've
had written in house. Anyone have any experience with either? Any

Any advice from anyone who may have already been through this would be
greatly appreciated.

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