I'm using JMS driver.

When I create anyuser in my IDV, driver creating correct DOM document
and publishing in MQ's IDM.SUB.QUEUE
Attaching XML file that i can see in MQ's
Object in IDV added with a DirXML-Association value ( i think
combination of JMD driver GUID & Message ID)

Now I've to drop a message in MQ's IDM.PUB.QUEUE Queue

If I drop xml message with association value (attached sample message
file http://paste-it.net/5958). In this message I'm trying to update
ACMEUserStatus attribute.
Driver picks up the message from queue and updating IDV for the correct
user (seaching for user with the Association value given in sample input
message http://paste-it.net/5958. This works fine. Trace file name is

My application which is going to consume message send by Driver to
IDM.SUB.QUEUE will modify ACMEUserStatus and prepare XML file and
publish in IDM.PUB.QUEUE. Its very tough for my appllication to keep
tracking DirXML-Association for each user in its Database (and there is
nor DirXML-Association information sent from IDV to MQ in the message).
So I'm publishing message without DirXML-Association but adding
workforceID. My Publisher channel matching policy uses WorkforceID to
match objects. Sample message file is http://paste-it.net/5961
But I'm getting following error message while updating IDV . Pls find
the trace for this operation http://paste-it.net/5962

01/24/08 02:48:00.777]IDV-MYAPP-USERS PT:Resolving association
[01/24/08 02:48:00.779]IDV-MYAPP-USERS PT:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Channel: Publisher
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9024) Unable to read current state of .


event-id="ID:414d512049444d2e514d20202020202095169847200 15502"
level="error">Code(-9024) Unable to read current state of

Can some one help me how to prepare message without using
DirXML-Association that I can drop in MQ which can be consumed by
driver to update IDV user's ACMEUserStatus attribute? or is there any
way to modify driver to use WorkforceID value for DirXML-Association,
so that my application can inlude workforceID as association while
dropping message in MQ?


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