I have 3 custom classes derived from the HR system here, xJobs,
xDepartments, and xLocations... I could not (did not) synch them from HR to
the IDVAULT as Groups... though if I had I would have one fewer migraine.

All of these classes can have "Occupants" or "Members" affiliated with them,
and so they can effectively be viewed as groups.

I would like to pass these 3 different types of objects to AD as Groups...
such that any addition of xjob objects from HR will result in the addition
of an appropriately named group in AD. Ditto for xDepartments and
xLocations... Also, when an "Member" is added to an xjob, I would convert
that to a group member ADD in AD.

Is there any general rule, or technique that can/should be employed to do
such a class conversion? I can't map three different classes to the AD
Group class.... can I? I don't think there's a "Reformat Class" option.

Any ideas or recommendations?