I have a driver that uses an attribute to store a date an event happened.
I would like to set up a new rule that compares this date with the current
date and performs an action if it's less then (or greater than). I can do
basic arithmetic on the dates but I do not know how to do an IF LESS THEN

Further Details:

I get the date via a Java Method called from an XPath statement as shown

(do-set-local-variable name="TheDate")
(token-xpath expression="jdate:new()"/)
(do-set-dest-attr-value class-name="User" name="my attribute")
(arg-value type="time")
(token-xpath expression="round(jdate:getTime(jdate:new()) div 1000) +
(31 * 86400)"/) (!-- here I add 31 days to the date --)

So I can use the same method to get the current date but need to know how
to do the IF LESS THAN THEN...