I'd like to migrate 150 accounts in to the IDVault using the 'migrate in
to IDVault' option in iManager but this will only let me do one at a time,
is there a way I can make the IDM engine do this for multiple accounts?

Further details:
I have a triggerless JDBC driver and am using IDM 3.5.1, My driver is set
to 'process all changes'.
Recently the Driver state file became corrupt and so I deleted it and
started the driver again in 'process future changes' mode and after one
cycle changed it back to 'process all changes' mode.
So now I've missed a number of changes but I know the PK_ID value of each
record that was modified in this time interval so I just need to migrate
each of these accounts in to the ID Vault. This works perfectly well
doing one at a time in iManager but I've got too many to do this way. Is
there a way do this using a list of accounts.
Note: all accounts actually exists in the IDVault as the driver in
question just updates certain attributes. I cannot just re-sync the whole
database as the two systems can't be fully sync'd yet.

Many thanks